The social worker at the Sveti Josip Radnik Čitluk educational rehabilitation center provides and takes care of social welfare and the full protection of the rights of every child, advises parents on rights and ways to obtain them.

The work of a social worker is based on providing support and assistance in meeting the child’s personal, social and other needs, as well as the needs of family members. This emphasizes the development of the child’s capabilities and abilities, while also taking into account the limitations that exist in the child. The social worker has a key role in informing parents/caregivers about the rights of a child with developmental disabilities, since the child is monitored through various forms of intervention from birth to adolescence. Also, the social worker is focused on the comprehensive protection of children with developmental disabilities and their families, which requires a multidisciplinary approach in rehabilitation, and on the problems of the child and his family during integration into the existing social environment. The social worker cooperates with the parents of a child with developmental difficulties, especially through counseling, while through informal education he provides parents with concrete professional help.