Educational rehabilitation center Sveti Josip Radnik, Čitluk was built by St. Joseph the Worker under the leadership of Sister Muriel Geisler and social worker Mary Walsh.

With the signing of the contract between the Sveti Josip Radnik Association from Chicago, represented by S. Muriel Geisler and Mayor Marin Radišić on behalf of the Municipality of Čitluk, a multifunctional facility for the needs of children and youth with developmental disabilities was built in December 2021 and registered as a Public Institution. The basic provision of the signed contract is that the building is donated to the municipality of Čitluk under the condition that its purpose is permanently retained.

Educational rehabilitation center Sveti Josip Radnik, Čitluk operates as a day center for the rehabilitation and education of children with developmental disabilities. In modernly equipped cabinets, individual and group activities are adapted to the child’s capabilities, needs and interests, with an emphasis on providing support in developing and strengthening the child’s potential. The purpose of comprehensive work with children with disabilities is to encourage and develop preserved abilities and prevent new and more severe difficulties.

The institution has a speech therapist’s office, an educational rehabilitator’s office, a physiotherapist’s office, a physical therapy office, a psychologist’s and social worker’s office, workshops, a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, sanitary facilities, a meeting room, offices, a library, a pantry, a courtyard and a sensory park.

The furnishing of the cabinet was provided by the Municipality of Čitluk and the Central State Office for Croats outside the Republic of Croatia. Support in work and financing is provided by the Municipality of Čitluk, Herzegovina-Neretva County and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Welfare.