Educational rehabilitation center “Sveti Josip Radnik” at the address Potpolje 123, is a unique center in the Herzegovina-Neretva County that provides prevention and necessary therapy to children and young people with various developmental disabilities. Within the center, individual work with users, day care and workshops are provided, which through daily activities offer different and interesting educational and rehabilitation contents to children and people with developmental disabilities. We grow together in a positive and pleasant environment,
we learn from each other and through socializing we enrich each other and ease difficulties. Center Sveti Josip Radnik is a place where parents look for answers to their questions and instructions for daily work with children, and the task of our professional staff is to find the best solutions for the growth and development of each child together with parents. The professional staff of our center forms a real team that, with knowledge, work, and a lot of patience, helps children and young people realize the fullness of their existence. Thank you for recognizing this and with your donation ensuring the implementation of our projects in order to help our users.

Giro account number:

UniCredit Bank 3381202254144309

IBAN Account number BA393381204854145792